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The Best Natural Hair Extension And Wig Brands.
2015-11-15 11:01:28

People have been wearing hair extensions and wigs for centuries. Amazingly, 70 extensions were uncovered still intact on the keleton of an ancient Egyptian woman in 2014. Her stylist deserves a posthumous award, in our opinion.

Traditionally, beauty supply stores have catered to women with straighter, finer andblonder hair, providing an endless array of synthetic and human hair pieces. Thankfully, women with thicker, curlier and coarser textures have gotten access to more alternatives as the natural hair extension market started to boom within the last five years, according to Heat Free Hair Movement founder and salon owner Ngozi Opara.

"It's really a reflection of the evolution of black hair care," she told HuffPost Style. "More African American women have embraced their natural hair texture than I have ever seen before. I think having extensions to provide options for protection and versatility for our textures is a part of that movement and why creating Heat Free Hair was so important to me."

Curl Sistas co-creator Joy Adaeze could relate firsthand to customer demands. She told us, "When I first went natural, I big chopped since my relaxed hair was damaged with lots of breakage. I'd never had short hair in my life so that was a big change. I tried to find hair that would match my thick 4C texture (so I could do protective styles) and came up empty handed. This is why I am most proud of Curl Sistas. We are giving women options that are true to who they are."

If you're part of the growing numbers of people interested in trying out natural hair extensions and wigs, here are some brands that are helping turn heads.

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